Salamanca Market


If you are in Tasmania come visit us on  Saturdays at Salamanca Market Site 180

Around Tasmania you can find our jewellery in these locations at speciality Galleries and Shops.

Swansea - Islander

Oatlands - An Artistist Affair

Launceston CBD -Queen Elizebeth Gallery.


Coles Bay- Pennicott Wildmess Tours 

Bruny Island - Pennicott Wilderness Tours

Ricmond- Walker and Walker

St Helens - Mint Gallery

- Shop In the Bush

Cygnet - Three Twigs

Hobart- Wild Island Gallery

Cradel Mountain - Wilderness Gallery

Ulverstone- Under the Oak

Gemstone Stories + Blog


  Amber is fascinating, it is both a fossil and a gem. Amber is a fossilised tree resin that is a time capsule of the past, often containing flor...

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Australian Opals

Opal is an amazing gem and is highly underrated ,not only is opal all the colours of the rainbow it also appears differently when viewed under dif...

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