Our Story


The Rare and Beautiful is an ever-changing collection of beautiful and desirable objects. 
The collection is hand-picked by Christo and Melissa Lees as they travel the globe. They are both trained gemmologists, jewellers and gem cutters who live in Tasmania, Australia. 
Their business The Rare and Beautiful has evolved from a passion for collecting, that they have shared for the past 30 years. The collection is concentrated around antique asian art, gems,minerals and rocks,ancients beads,ikat,artifacts and eccentric objects.
 "We collect objects of desire: rare and beautiful things. These objects are a memory of our adventures the places we travel to and the people we meet. Our hope is to share these beautiful things we have treasured with others so they can enjoy them as we have." Christo Lees, 2013.
All the items in the collection are one-off pieces or from a limited range. 

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