Rare and Beautiful is a Tasmanian family run business that creates an ever-changing collection of beautiful and desirable creations, of hand-crafted contemporary jewellery and natural gemstones. 

The collection is hand-selected by Christo and Melissa Lees as they travel the globe, and around Tasmania. They are both trained gemmologists, jewellers and gem cutters who live in Tasmania, Australia. 

Their business Rare and Beautiful has evolved from a life long passion for prospecting in the wilds of nature. This passion they have shared for the past 30 years. The Rare and Beautiful collection showcases the beautiful and unique  gems, minerals and fossils they find on their adventures.

Simplicity is the key to their jewellery designs, they believe the stones should speak for themselves. More than 100 gemstones are featured in their jewellery collection including many rare stones from Tasmanian and around the world. Sustainable artisanal mining is their ethos.  

All items in the collection are one off pieces or from a limited range. 



 Fossicking for Killiecrankie Diamonds on Flinders Island Tasmania. 
   Fossicking for Killiecrankie Diamonds on Flinders Island Tasmania                                          Family Fossicking for our Business Rare and Beautiful Killiecrankie Bay Flinders Island. 
Killiecrankie Diamonds found by Rare and Beautiful on Flinders Island Tasmania.