Superb Ancient Ghost eye and Chung Dzi necklace


This necklace consists of a central Ghost eye bead of superb quality  , 4 chu g dzi beads , silver , tibetan turquoise and red coral . The clasp is a small brass antique drilbu bell . The central Ghost eye bead was dug up in Monywa from an old royal city and was bought from the finder near Maha Muni Pagoda in Mandalay in the year 2000 . It measures approx 23 mm across . These 'etched' chalcedony beads have been dated to around 600 bc . The two orange / black and white chung Dzi beads i bought from a friend who purchased them in India in the late 1960s . The pale translucent chung dzi was traded in 2003 with my friend Robert Thomas in Hawaii who purchased it and other beads from Tibetan refugees in California in the early 1970s . The black and white 3 striped bead was purchased near Halin on the chindwin river in Katchin state Burma in 2001 .the red coral and turquoise was purchased from Tibetan art dealer Suzi Lebasi in 2004 . This is a superb necklace , an ancient work of art . These are some of my favourite beads from my 30 years of collecting antique beads and I wore this necklace myself for many years but due to spinal problems can no longer wear necklaces so its time reluctantly to let someone else enjoy these amazing ancient beads . 

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